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Do Safer Web Browsing With WOT Addon

February 19, 2010

Know Risky Sites Before You Make A Click

Web of Trust
warns you about risky sites that cheat customers, deliver malware or send spam,sites with adult content and other Online threads. This WOT surfing tool uses a traffic-light style rating system to help you stay safe when you search, browse and shop online.Millions of members of the WOT community rate sites based on their experience, giving you an extra layer of protection when browsing or searching the Web. With a quick installation, WOT (Web of Trust) provides better security while browsing the Internet.

See the below screenshot with traffic-light style rating system by WOT,

The WOT add-on provides reputation ratings to search results when you use Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia and other popular sites, helping you protect your computer and personal information. All your online email account- Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail is also protected.

Website ratings are continuously updated by millions of members of the WOT community and from trusted sources, like Panda Security and PhishTank.

Now Install the WOT add-on for Firefox or Internet Explorer
. It is also now available for Google Chrome.

WOT (Web of Trust)


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