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MonitorES – Monitor Energy Saver

February 22, 2010

Monitor Energy Saver – Saving Energy is Easy

Monitor Energy Saver
, is a little Google Code project that is so simple in its functionality it’s hard to believe it’s been overlooked for so long. MonitorES pays attention to when you lock your machine and it automatically turns off the monitor immediately following the lock sequence. This way, instead of waiting for the idle timer to kick in when you’re obviously not using the computer, the monitor turns off immediately and stops wasting electricity.

Alternatively, you could set the power saving options down really low to have the monitor power off after required time of being idle.

Monitor Energy Saver is the perfect simple solution to saving more power so easily. Beyond the power-saving, it also has some other features integrated into it. When you lock your machine, it will automatically pause all media players that is playing and set your IM status to ‘Away’.
Supported Media Players

  • Winamp, AIMP , WMP, WMP Classic , 1BY1 , iTunes , KMPlayer ,Media Monkey , GOM Player , AlShow, VLC Media Player (Via HTTP) , Spotify , Foobar2000, BSPlayer
  • QuickTime , XMPlay Only Support with PAUSE

Supported IM

These options can be disabled in the preferences at your choice.MonitorES acts as a service running just over 1 MB in size and includes a system tray icon.

MonitorES – Monitor Energy Saver


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