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3 Useful Bing Search Operators

March 5, 2010

Microsoft’s Bing will be a good competitor to Google. Microsoft wanted to make it a Google killer. Google is still the best when you search for blogs,Tech News, solutions, troubleshooting etc. Bing looks cool when you go for travel, shopping, videos etc.

Ok lets now see useful Bing Operators for effective search.

1. Contains:
This Bing search operators lets you find pages that link to a particular file types.

Syntax: contains:filetype

Bing Search helps you find web pages that link to other online documents and multimedia files like music and video. This is different from Google’s filetype: search operato that looks for content inside PDF and Office documents.

Example: contains:mp3

It finds all pages on Wikipedia that link to MP3 files.

2. LinkFromDomain:
Want to see which pages a site links to? Well, no search engine will tell you this except Bing. Yes, this search command is unique and incredibly useful.


I like to see which pages are linked to my site I give”

3. Feed:
This Bing search operators finds RSS or Atom feeds on a website for the terms you search for.

Syntax: feed:term

Its a cool way to find blogs related to my topic because this search finds what Google Blog Search doesn’t.


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