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Comcast Brings DVR Control to iPhone Update

March 8, 2010

Comcast Mobile App DVR Control

Comcast has finally delivered what hordes of subscribers have been yelling for, DVR management direct from their iPhone app. The good is news is that this recent Comcast Mobile App 2.0 update delivers the long anticipated DVR control from anywhere you are. The bad news is that it's only "available in select markets" according to the Comcastoids.

Scott McNulty, Comcast's chief blogger nerd walks through the updated feature set in a short tutorial video (after break) that's worth the 5:17 minutes of your life if you care to expand your cable watching universe. The ability to set push notifications reminders for TV shows can also be enabled for new email and voicemail messages as well.

Comcast has done a fine job with this 2.0 update, giving their anxious subscribers exactly what they've been wanting and more. If only for some of the people, some of the time. Depending upon what city you're in, you'll be enjoying mobile control over your Comcast DVR with one free and painless download.

If you have version 1.0 installed be sure to remove it and then install 2.0. The
DVR feature will not work if you don't delete the old app first. (Big ups to Brent for this tip)


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