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Artsprojekt iPhone Cases Land at Apple Store

March 10, 2010

Artsprojekt iPhone Cases

STYLE GUIDE: Apple retail stores have begun stocking a unique new line of fitted, fabric-wrapped iPhone cases created in collaboration with the Artsprojekt Global Creative Network. The artist-designed hard cases are exclusive to the Apple store, which may explain why at least two locations I visited were already sold out.

This inspired line of iPhone protection, created in conjunction with leading case designer Speck, are specially printed onto fabric then adhered to the back of a sturdy plastic case. The modernistic artwork was illustrated by Caia Koopman, Eve Duhamel and Yo Amo La Leche. A total of four designs are part of this latest release.

Artsprojekt-Speck iPhone Cases"The original series of cloth iPhone cases were created as limited editions of 250 each. One design sold out almost immediately," said Rob Greenleaf, Senior Accounts Developer for Artsprojekt. "Apple selected these new designs themselves from our cast of artists."

I was disappointed to find the new Artsprojekt cases sold out when I arrived at the Bellevue, Apple store just East of downtown Seattle. I had planned to do a hands-on review. But no such luck. Only two days earlier, these cases were not even present on store shelves. Priced at $39.95, it's quite obvious that Speck might have lucked into the new hotness in functional iPhone fashion.

I asked Rob if Artsprojekt had any plans for creating an iPad version of the cloth cases, he chuckled, then paused and replied rather sheepishly, "I have no comment on that one, but anything is possible." he said.

Although Rob did go on explain that Artprojekt's LABz, is where some of their most sought after artists and designers collaborate with leading brands and manufacturers to create high-end reproductions of original art for new products. What begins in LABz as Limited Editions and Special Collections, can quickly turn into more widely distributed products depending upon demand.

Apple_Artsprojekt_iPhone_casesWhile the four current iPhone fabric case designs were all Rob Greenleaf was willing to gush over in our brief conversation, I'm excited to see how quickly a new set of designs catapult out of the artist collective.

For now, all 225 Apple retail stores are the only destinations with this exclusive Artsprojekt product line for sale.

That's if you're fortunate enough to find them in stock when you arrive. If you do, grab that girly looking one for me. (fits iPhone 3G and 3GS)

[Photos by Artsprojekt]


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