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Feline Fetish Apps Push Pet-ploitation for iPhone

March 11, 2010

Sleeping_cats_iphone_app   Cats_tongues_iphone_app

There's a new crop of apps hitting the App Store since Apple banned some 5,000 masturbatory theater photo apps at the end of February. Cats' Tongues ($.99), is only the first in a group of shameless pet-ploitation apps from Digital Adventure, overtly pimping cute overload to throngs of over-indulgent cat lovers.

"Kittens have such tiny tongues, like little pink flowers." That description is certain to arouse the attention of feline fetishists everywhere who should be thrilled to know that there's finally an app for that.

IPhone_App_Cats_tongues But Cat' Tongues represents just the tip. Two more ultra-cute apps in
this series push the envelope of natural love for cats.

Cats' Backs
($.99) appeals to the "kittie's got back" crowd, made instantly
obvious by provocative entry found on a text page contained inside the

"Please don't turn around, stay right there. It's just wonderful that

Wow! Not exactly the typical thought that comes to mind when viewing cats
from the rear. Two more apps round out our list of pet-ploitation favorites. The
pussy footing Cats' Paws ($.99), describes kitten feet like they're a delicious carnival treat.

"Their front legs are like fluffy, cotton candy." Seriously? What am I missing?

And finally, there's Sleeping Cats ($.99), which delivers a voyeuristic thrill ride of kitty cuteness while redefining full frontal snoozing. Each one of these apps promise committed feline fanatics instant access to over 50 or more adorable iPhone photos that can be accessed on demand.

You can be sure that there's a fresh batch of sexy photo apps in the App Store, although this time around they're covered in fur with their little tongues hanging out.

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