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How Do I Delete My Google or Gmail Account?

March 11, 2010

I don’t need my gmail account anymore.I dono how to delete it.How to delete my gmail account?
Follow the below steps for deleting your Google or Gmail Account.

1. Login into your Gmail account & click settings. 

Now go to “Accounts and Import”.

3. Near the bottom of that page is the “Google Account Settings” area. Click on the “Google Account Settings” link and you’ll be pushed to the Google Account area.

4. That’s the default setup: Gmail, iGoogle and Web Search history.
5.  Now click on “Edit” next to My Products.

6. Now you can finally see what’s going on! The question is: do you want to delete your Gmail account, or do you want to delete the entire account and all Google services?

7. Select a option and delete services you wish to close.

That’s It !!!


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