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New Eco-Friendly iPhone Case Is Biodegradable

March 14, 2010

Innovez Biodegradable iPhone Case

I had a chance to spend a few days manhandling a new eco-friendly iPhone case from Innovez, a company that specializes in producing biodegradable products for mobile devices.

Their latest Ecovez case is made from ultra-lightweight plastic, with an opening that lets your iPhone slide in from the top. The fit of this translucent magical sheath is snug, allowing easy access to all controls and docking cable. While the snug fit held my device firmly in place, it also caused my anti-glare film to bubble along the lower left edge. An instant buzz-killer for me.

Another minor drawback I found was that both raised logos on the front and back of the case are sharp enough along the edges to catch on nylon. After only minor use, I observed that the lightweight plastic easily picks up scratches, opening the potential for unsightly scarring over time.

Biodegradable_iPhone_case It's obvious that the biggest long term value of this product is the benefits to planet earth. Innovez claims that their EcoPure plastic additive gives these cases the ability to degrade in a high microbe environment such as a landfill within 1 to 5 years.

The Ecovez collection for iPhone 3G/3GS are priced at $34.95 each with a choice of nine rainbow colors, or choose from bundle packs with two cases for $59.95 or three for $89.99. Pre-orders are currently under way for an April 1st shipping date.

Although the idea of sporting an eco-friendly iPhone case was
appealing, my hands-on experience with the actual product left me unimpressed. But that's just me.

Innovez sold out of all 900 Ecovez cases in stock during Christmas. Which makes the unfavorable opinion of one iPhone fanatic very little to be concerned about.



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