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Apple Stores Ban iPhone Screen Protectors

March 17, 2010

Beginning in May, Apple is expected to remove all iPhone and iPod screen protectors from both its retail and online stores, according to a report on iLounge. The ban will affect all anti-glare films, mirrored films and cases or products that include film protection as part of their offering.

The wildly popular Power Support brand films are marketed as a static cling film that protects your iPhone 3G screen from scratches, dust, and dirt. The magical sheath is also known for resisting screen smudges and annoying fingerprints.

"One vendor speculated that the ban is an Apple marketing attempt to
suggest screen durability, despite scratches that have damaged both
plastic and glass displays of its products for years." according to iLounge.

Several third-party vendors confirmed to iLounge, that Apple's ban will directly impact all forms of screen films, including completely clear film, anti-glare film, and mirrored film, regardless of whether the film's purpose is aimed at screen protection or purely for decorative purposes. The ban reportedly includes screen protectors for Macs as well.

The market leading Power Support brand iPhone/iPod films, can be purchased directly from the company's online store for $14.95 which includes (2) films per package. The company offers a crystal clear film, ani-glare matte film and privacy film for the original iPhone, iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Apple issued no comment or confirmation of its decision to ban the protective magical sheath. Maybe the new improved 4G iPhone screen won't require such protection.

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