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iPad Reveals Tech Sites Steve Jobs Is Reading

March 17, 2010

Steve_Jobs_iPad_Bookmarks So what exactly are some of the tech websites frequented by Steve Jobs on his iPad? The short list includes The New York Times tech section, Engadget, Gizmodo and The Wall Street Journal, which were all bookmarked in Safari on Jobs' iPad.

The mystery list of usual suspects was compiled by the Business Insider who cites a source claiming to be present at the iPad promotional meetings initiated by Steve Jobs when visiting New York in February.

"Steve has other sites bookmarked, but these are the only ones that stuck
in our source's mind." Jay Yarow writes for the Business Insider (which failed to make El Jobso's list).

While many of you might file this lame, Apple fanboy news under "who gives two shits!", those inquiring minds consumed by the fact that Steve Jobs drives his Mercedes SL55 AMG around Cupertino with no license plate will want to know every last detail.

It's those same Macheads who never miss out on the latest photo of mister Jobs parking in the handicap spaces at Apple's One Infinite Loop headquarters either.

Spotting Steve Jobs' Mercedes? I wish there was an app for that!


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