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Magic Disco Baby App Is Pure Joy to Behold

March 19, 2010

Magic Disco Baby iPhone App

When I first laid my hairy man hooks on this Magic Disco Baby ($.99) iPhone app, I feared it would be another one of those ultra-cheesy toss-offs. Well, it did not disappoint. But that's the good news!

Seconds after the Techno dance beat kicked in and that bald headed little baby strolled in from off screen, I was hooked. Launch the app, then choose any photo in your camera roll for "diaper party boy" to rock his moves on top of.

I took the liberty of creating a poor quality Magic Disco Baby video (click below), because you have to see this one to believe it. Did I mention that he moonwalks?

So let the sweaty fist pumping begin. Go baby! Go baby! Go baby!


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