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GameBone Adds Console-Style Controls to iPhone

March 20, 2010

GameBone Controller for iPhone

The Australian geek team at 22Moo have released an updated rendering of what they're calling GameBone. It's a gamepad designed to bring console-style controls to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The device features an eight-direction D-pad and four face buttons for ultimate iGamer goodness after sliding your iPhone inside.

The latest GameBone design incorporates a 2000mAh battery and Apple's 30-pin dock connector connectivity, along with built-in speakers, a 3.5 audio headphone jack and a highly sensitive omni-directional mic on board.

The brainiacs at 22Moo intend to make make the GameBone software development kit available for free to all
iPhone SDK developers sometime in April. The controller does not automatically work with every game, so developers will need to incorporate GameBone into their titles first.

The company has also indicated that they're currently finalizing a method for iPad support, which I'll have to see to believe. That's all they've announced about iPad for now.

The best news is that wildly popular app developer Manomio is the first company pledging official support for the GameBone. Manomio, creators of the ($4.99) Commodore 64 app, will also be adding an Amiga emulator application when the GameBone launches later this year.

[GameBone via FingerGaming]


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