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MoviePeg Is One Slick No-Hand Stand for iPhone

March 20, 2010

MoviePeg iPhone Stand

The idea behind MoviePeg is slick and simple. Although the MoviePeg stand was named around the idea of watching feature films on your iPhone, it can work equally well for propping up a make-shift alarm clock on your bedside nightstand.

I'm not totally convinced that this little iPhone crutch would make an
ideal stand for taking point-and-shoot photos and video, but it should serve
well to deliver a convenient viewing experience on the go.

IPhone_MoviePeg_Stand The Moviepeg comes in a plethora of clever, movie themed colors featuring Black Rain, Blue Velvet, Yellow Submarine, Soylent Green, Pretty in Pink and Red Dawn.

Expect to pay £4.99 ($7.50 U.S.) along with shipping from the U.K.
which is the only way to get MoviePeg at present.

Guys might want to factor in the increased pocket bulge that may result from shoving MoviePeg into the front of your pants along with an iPhone. Unless you carry a European shoulder bag (man-purse) like Robert Downey Junior. Stick with pocket
, it's a far better sight gag to behold.



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