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This Steve Jobs Cubee Cut Out Is Download Ready

March 21, 2010


Jay Hauf is convinced that everybody needs a little Steve Jobs in their life, so he created his own iconic Cubee Steve template and posted it for download. Just print, snip and build it.

Steve-_Jobs_Cubee_cut_out This do-it-yourself cut out, featuring a blockhead Steve Jobs would make a perfect dashboard buddy, a cool iMac topper or even a Mac-tastic disposable cake decoration for the ultra Apple fanboy.

The iPad obsessed will have to make their own magical and revolutionary device, because this cubee Steve Jobs comes equipped with an iPhone 3G as standard issue. Not that anything's wrong with that.

Jay recommends downloading the Original (1482 x 1173) version, and use Office Depot "heavy stock" for printing an 8.5' x11" cubee template. (demo build video after break)

[photo by Jay Hauf]

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