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Apple Grabs 19% Share of Portable Gaming Gold

March 23, 2010


Apple's assault on portable gaming, namely against the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, is set to continue with shock and awe as the launch of iPad gets under way early next month.

Market share figures published by the analytics nerds at Flurry, reveal that Apple, in just a year and a
half, has managed to gobble up 5% revenue of a $10 billion industry. The news continues to apply tremendous pressure on the backs of the portable gaming leaders who never saw the Apple shaped scud missiles coming.

"Controlling 5% revenue of a $10 billion industry in just a year and a
half is significant," wrote Peter Farango, Flurry's vice president of
marketing. "From a market share perspective, console games lost ground
to portable platforms and iPhone.

It's no secret that App Store games have pulled in the lion's share of the iPhone gold rush for Apple, ringing in growth that took the company from 5% to a 19% share of the entire American portable gaming market in the last year. 


Currently, seven of the Top 10 grossing apps are games. including Street
Fighter IV ($9.99), Bejeweled 2 ($2.99), Call of Duty: World at War
($9.99) and Where's Waldo? priced at ($.99).

"From what we calculate, consumers are downloading iPhone games in droves. Comparing iPhone against Sony and Nintendo games sales shows that Apple has taken nearly one fifth of the portable market in 2009."

It stands to reason that if the beleaguered gaggle of major video game platform providers (i.e., Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft) don't figure out a way to stop the onslaught of Apple's portable juggernauts, the company will continue to cash in on game market share several million at a time. My advice to all three majors is simple… don't hate. Innovate.



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