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YouTube Captions Now Gets Translation

March 23, 2010

YouTube has recently enabled automatic captions(speech-to-text algorithms) for videos, which allow owners to add subtitles to their clips and users to see a written account of what is being said.Google already has the technology to translate written words into dozens of languages, which is why it is now introducing Translate Captions.

“We recently mentioned on the official Youtube blog that we were enabling auto-captioning for all Youtube videos. This new technology takes advantage of Google’s speech-to-text algorithms to add captions to videos with spoken English content. Captions have clear benefits for the hearing impaired, but there is another benefit that is worth noting: translation,” Andrew Gomez, associate product marketing manager at YouTube, wrote.

“As you know, Google Translate can already translate between any of our 52 supported languages, whether the text is a word, paragraph or website.This new advancement in Youtube’s technology we can now add ‘captions’ to that list as well,” he added.

Along with auto-captions, the translate feature should also pick up in use. YouTube believes that as many as 150,000 channels will implement both features in the next few months.


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