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Billiards iPhone Case Makes Pocket Pool Cool

March 24, 2010


STYLE GUIDE: Playing a brisk game of pocket pool without drawing attention to yourself is an art form that's existed since man invented pants. Now its finally fashionable when you're sporting this Billiards Pool Table iPhone case for a mere $20.

Each case is uniquely hand cut, ensuring that the balls are always kept snugly racked in place. The idea of carrying around a miniature pool table in my pocket totally spins the wheels on my geek wagon.

Pool_table_iphone_caseThe vinyl exterior and black felt lining will serve to keep your iPhone protected from those no neck booze hounds who always manage to make your Friday nights at the pool hall awkward and uncomfortable. Just imagine the friends you'll make when you whip your iPhone out of this kick ass pocket pool table.

Now just download the ($.99) iPocket Pool app and it's Revenge of The Nerds part four. Yes! Let the fist pumping begin.

[Coolbeans via Etsy]


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