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Digg iPhone App News Reaches Top of Digg

March 26, 2010

Digg App for iPhone

The usual suspects riding shotgun over Digg managed to elevate news of the official iPhone app launch to the Top In All Topics on Thursday. Reviews of the app left by rabid Diggers were mixed, as many commentards expressed agitation because the iPhone app lacks the ability to leave comments which is a fundamental part of the Digg social experience.

"DAMMIT, the one reason I wanted this app so bad was to be able to
comment. I can digg and all that shit on the normal site and not be
stuck in their built-in browser to digg stories. Son of a bitch." user boozedrinker wrote.

The fact that founder Kevin Rose, submitted news of the app release himself is the reason why it rocketed to the top of the Digg pile so quickly. But even with that esteemed endorsement, some hard to please fanboys still bashed the effort.

"Trying it, but can't see my profile, or friends. Blind upcomings,
recents, blah, blah. Took them this long for a generic app? Fail." cpdylan wrote.

During my own test drive I found the app to be very zippy, but you'll
need to be updated to iPhone OS 3.1 or later to enjoy that privilege. It appears that true Digg faithful are more obsessed with commenting than they are with surfing planet Digg on the go.

While I'm not a daily Digg nerd, I do like what they've created here. Come on! What's not to like when the app is free? Digg is easy to navigate and it offers an instant wormhole into the news that those Android obsessed Diggers love to hate on. Especially if it's about Apple.


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