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Adding Website Icons To Your iPhone Home Screen

March 28, 2010

IPhone_App_icons   IPhone_Safari_Plus_button

iPhone 101: Adding favorite website icons to your iPhone's home screen is a basic feature that's often overlooked because it's hiding in plain sight. Most of us open the Safari app simply out of habit, but there's an easier way to gain instant access to your favorite web destinations.

First, launch the Safari app. Select your favorite website, let it load and then tap the plus (+) button.

Select the "Add To Home Screen" tab. You'll see another selection screen appear. This screen allows you to either custom name your new home screen icon or confirm the existing name. 

Add_to_iphone_home_screen   Add_Web_icon_iPhone_home_screen

Now tap the "Add" button on the top right and you'll see the web icon added to your home screen. It's that easy. To delete it, just hold the icon for a few seconds until it starts wiggling, then click the circled (x) on the top left of the icon.

Create as many web icons as you choose, but know you'll be limited to 11 pages of visible apps on your iPhone. If you've already filled up 11 pages (176 apps) on your home screen, the "Add To Home Screen" option will not appear when you tap the plus (+) button from a Safari web page. 

As the cooks at a Chinese food buffet like to say… Enjoy!


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