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4 Computer Memory Freeware Utilities

March 29, 2010

The main reason for computers running slow can be contributed to clogging up of RAM with numerous programs which will run even if you don’t want them to run.Some Virus & other malware programs too slow down your Computer.Here is a collection 4 freeware utilities which tells the memory status of your computer.

1. SysTrayMeter

SysTrayMeter (STM) is a small freeware application that will add an icon to your systray, in which the CPU & RAM usage will be shown.

How To Install SysTrayMeter ?
You don’t need anything else, but if STM complains about a VB6FR.DLL missing when you launch it, download it & move it to your WINDOWS\SYSTEM32

2. MemInfo

MemInfo Displays the current memory (RAM or Page File) usage of Windows in the system tray.
With a small gauge graphic and the value updated in real time, MemInfo gives a fast feedback to current memory usage in Windows.
Highly customizable. Choose when MemInfo should warn you about high memory usage, show physical memory or Windows page file, show free or used memory, choose the font that looks better.
Built in memory Defragmenter to allow speed up your computer by maximizing the available free memory.

3. Performance Monitor

Performance Monitor
is a small program that shows you the CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilization under Windows NT platforms (2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, etc…).

  • It’s composed by four fully configurable small graphs and it can work in the tray area also.
  • The windows are fully anchorable and by moving the “CPU” window you’ll move the other attached windows.
  • PerfMon can become transparent and permits you to forward left-mouse clicks so you can place it anywhere.
  • You can also change the program priority saving CPU work and double its size for big monitor resolutions 

 4. FreeRAM XP Pro

FreeRAM XP Pro is a freeware program designed to defragment and free up your system`s RAM (Random Access Memory).
As a result, system performance, response time, and stability increase. FreeRAM XP Pro uses a minimal amount of memory, system resources, and CPU time, thus making it fast and efficient.
FreeRAM XP Pro also uses a very fast memory allocation algorithm, allowing it to work quickly with less intrusion on your productivity.

Key features of “FreeRAM XP Pro”:

  • Automatic, real-time memory monitoring and optimization
  • Fast, threaded memory freeing with stop option
  • AutoFree option intelligently optimizes RAM without sacrificing performance
  • system metric and performance monitors
  • Advanced tray support
  • Memory reporting and diagnostic logging
  • Simple, attractive interface
  • RAM-cuts (RAM-freeing Windows shortcuts)
  • Customizable Windows hotkey support



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