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Say Hello To The First Robot iPhone Stand

March 29, 2010

IRobot_iPhone_stand  IPhone_robot_stand

This fantasitical Robot iPhone Stand creation is a rarefied and geekish wonder to behold. Our metallic little friend was designed using copper and brass along with a heavy steel base to add stability. This iPhone cradling robot stands almost 9 inches tall, finished off with a hi-gloss lacquer that allows the epic red patina to cut through.

Robot_iPhone_stand I love the minimalistic design of iRobot's head, hands and feet, giving this iPhone accessory a classic anorexic "Tin Man" look that's certain to spark instant nerd chatter at first glance. Felt pads are neatly placed in the robot's hands and on his chest to keep your iPhone perfectly scratch free.

Expect to pay $60 plus $10 dollars shipping for this ultra-original work of iPhone art. Although this amazing robo-stand is made to embrace an iPhone, creator TinHeartMfg confirmed that the arms can easily be bent inward to hold smaller iPods.

In the immortal words of mister Billy Joel; "I love you just the way you are."

[TinHeartMfg via Etsy]


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