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Two New iPhone Models Coming, One for Verizon

March 30, 2010

IPhone_4G_mock_up Two new iPhone models are on their way according to some barely breaking news horked up like a hairball by the Wall Street Journal on Monday. Renewed talk of a CDMA iPhone model for Verizon is expected to reach the market by September of this year, manufactured by Pegatron Technology Corp.

Apple's updated version of their wildly popular GSM iPhone, currently mangled by AT&T's miserable 3G service is expected to surface this summer, most likely in late June. The newfangled GSM iPhone will continue to be produced by Hon Hai (aka Foxconn).

Sources quoted by the WSJ burped out the same specs about the new iPhone model that we heard almost one year ago to the day. There's really not much to call new here.

"The model is likely to be thinner and have a faster processor, two
people familiar with the device said." Source – WSJ

While most people believe that the Wall Street Journal is somehow bulletproof when it comes to being spot on about Apple news, there's really very little "breaking" iPhone news to speak of in their latest report. Go ahead, read the post for yourself.

We covered this same hype back on April of last year when Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu, issued his own delicious report fueled by identical speculation. Reports are already confirming that a Verizon CDMA iPhone is unlikely this year.

If we all wish long and hard enough, eventually a CDMA Verizon iPhone with a new thinner GSM model packing a faster CPU, front-facing camera, 940 x 640 resolution display and multitasking will magically appear like Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt at a Palo Alto coffee shop. It will happen.

By then Stephen Colbert will be talking about these mythical new iPhones on the Grammys. It won't be sensationalized broken news you'll have to buy from The Wall Street Journal with an iPad subscription.

This is the same publication who brought us the Steve Jobs "ad placement fail" when they published  him side-by-side with a pair skeletons after Jobs made his triumphant return as Apple's CEO. Now that was real breaking news!


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