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WordPress Podcast: Inside Look at Web Hosting

March 31, 2010

Reliable web hosting is fundamental to the success of a web site. Not all web hosts understand that that the web has changed and now applications like WordPress are how today’s interactive sites are powered and managed. On this show we interview Nick Nelson of and discuss:

  • The role your web host plays in growing your site,
  • Things to look for when finding a web hosting provider,
  • The role of your site’s speed in Google Rankings,
  • Some quick tips on identifying what is slowing down your site

Also, in news:

  • Web Site Monitor is a great plugin for making sure your site is online and available [plugin]
  • GD Star Rating was recently updated [plugin]
  • NextGen Gallery also had an update [plugin]
  • Alex King’s WordPress Help Center has some new improvements [plugin]
  • StudioPress (the theme developers) released the Enterprise 1.0 [theme]
  • The Gravatar service from Automattic now supports profiles
  • Jane Wells discusses the transition of WordPress MU to WordPress 3.0 at WordCamp Boston
  • Corey Eulas reviews some search engine optimization tips at WordCamp Boston


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