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Marvel Comics Debuts Free iPhone and iPad App

April 2, 2010

Marvel Comics iPhone & iPad App

Marvel Comics was not fooling around when they launched their official app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users on Thursday, April 1st. This free app makes it easy to start consuming mobile Marvel Comics in the digital age by including a handful of free issues like the "Astonishing X-Men 2004" and "Invincible Iron Man (2008)".

Iron_Man_iPhone_Comic The interface is slick and easy to use, revealing hundreds of titles at $1.99 per issue. I was quick to accept a guided tour of the app by Iron Man himself. Seeing Tony Stark manhandling an iPhone was worth the wait.

The iPhone reading experience is fluid by swiping left to go forward or swiping
right to go back. The ability to switch from portrait to landscape mode is a well thought out feature, along with double tapping or pinching for zooming in and out on individual panels. 

I did notice that even using Wi-Fi, downloading issues still took more time than my tiny lizard brain was willing to endure, but I'll get over that soon enough.

There's very little here to be disappointed about for a free app and of course timing is everything. An April Fool's day launch was a perfect Marvel scheme to wet the appetite of iPad early adopters.

I can't wait to take this app for an epic iPad test run. That's where I'm expecting the goodness of Marvel Comics to really shine through. (video after break below)



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