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iPad Cometh To Apple Store Window Displays

April 3, 2010

Apple Store iPad Display

BELLEVUE, WA – Apple cleared their retail store windows on Saturday morning to feature the magical and revolutionary iPad front and center. The device is running a features video as gawkers leave a puddle of drool while locked in a focused stare at Apple's latest celebrity. Unlike iPhone, Apple stores have not created a ginormous iPad to create wow factor.

The ultra-sleek looking iPad is mounted on a slender pole, placing the device near eye level for a 5' 8" person. The backdrop features three huge views of iPad which make the window display model look a tad dwarfed by comparison, but it's still great to see one up close and personal.

The company placed black makeshift curtains over the entrance to keep eyeballs from wandering before the stores officially open at 9 A.M. When the veil was finally lifted, it revealed the entire store converted to look Pad-tastic. Every wall was covered with iPad signage and a table full of pads was immediately in view.

The reserved line at the Bellevue, WA Apple store started growing by the minute as launch time approached, increasing chances for the massive line of iPad wannabes without reservations to leave empty handed. The book of Jobs has finally arrived. Can I get an amen from somebody out there?

Meet iPad Window Display

iPad Apple Store View iPad Staff Briefing


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