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This Mini Drive-In Theater Is Powered By iPhone

April 4, 2010

iPhone Mini Drive-In Theater

There's just no better way to bring back that loving feeling than spending a Friday night parked at your very own personal iPhone drive-in theater. Designer Gary Katz, who brought us the first ever iPhone Shoebox Theater has set his fantastical vision on recreating the classic 1950's drive-in theater experience for iPhone fanatics.

Katz even includes a dashboard view of the entire drive-In parking lot complete with those metal window speakers. The authentic crowd noise at the start of his video creates the feeling of "being there".

Expect to pay $12.00 for the do-it-yourself
which includes all of the retro drive-In trappings needed
to make a perfect memory.

I can't wait to see the Katz theater chain upgrade to big screen HD now that iPad has finally launched. Brilliantly done Gary! Now pass that popcorn.

[The Personal Theater]


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