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Now Take iPad Photos Using Your iPhone

April 7, 2010

iPad Camera App Using iPhone

Want to take photos with your iPad? Now there's a couple of apps for that. Developer Yusuke
has linked two applications that allow users to shoot photos with Apple's iPad when paired with an iPhone.

Camera-A ($.99) which resides on iPad, connects with Camera-B which is a free app for iPhone. The connection can be made through a wireless network or via Bluetooth. The Camera-A app uses iPhone's camera, which allows the photo to be captured with your iPad. The camera trigger resides on the iPad and also provides zooming as needed.

Several test shots proved that the apps work as promised, but be warned that a weak wireless signal will cause frustration. I would also recommend a steady hand or using an iPhone tripod. I also found that connecting through Bluetooth was as easy as choosing the Wi-Fi option.

The photo quality on the iPhone side was far superior to the one resident on my iPad because the image size is blown up for iPad. You can choose the option to save your iPad image directly to iPhone, but that seems to make the entire process feel a tad useless.

Yusuke Sekikawa, has dreamed up a set of novelty apps that should serve to keep the geek chatter vibrant while hanging around the office water cooler. Some will even make sport of several misspelled words that I found hiding in plain sight using the Camera-A app.

An iPad camera trick for a buck? Who cares about correct spelling?


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