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WordPress Podcast: WordPress for Affiliate Businesses: Outsourcing Works

April 7, 2010

This weeks guest was Al Carlton of and Coolest Gadgets, amongst many other blogs. We talked about how Al outsources everything on his blogs, so much that he doesn’t even have to write on them himself anymore. Some of the things he mentioned doing:

  • He hires writers (through for instance the Problogger job board).
  • He outsources design (through various designers and f.i.
  • He also outsources SEO and viral content creation (through several agencies).

There’s much much more, check out his full presentation on the topic on the recent ThinkVisibility conference. We later went on to discuss how to build a successfull site, and Al stressed how important it is to pick a good niche, a fact overlooked so often.

Security issues with WordPress

Security is always an important matter and WordPress is no more immune to hacking than other software available today. It’s important that you and your web host be aware of the potential compromises going on like the one discussed by Chris Pearson as a unscheduled guest on today’s show.

From the WordPress world

There were also some great videos released this week on WordPress as a Business Platform and WordPress Corporate Site for Better Communication. The WordPress 3.0 release is also getting closer, learn more about some of the features coming soon.

Plugin Picks of the Week:

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