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Download Apple's iPhone OS 4 Video Onto iPad

April 9, 2010

Apple Keynote Podcast for iPad

Apple has made their iPhone OS 4 Keynote video available to download through iTunes. I downloaded the 704 MB Podcast video directly onto my iPad. It took roughly eight minutes to dump on iPad, which now makes the
event instantly viewable for those whole like to use iPad while squatting on their porcelain throne. Not that
anything's wrong with that.

Open your iTunes Store app, search Apple Keynotes and download the April 2010 Podcast for free. Then open your iPad Videos app and get the EL Jobso party started. You can also choose to stream the video by clicking on the title only (rather than Get Episode).

The video quality is surprisingly beautiful. Of course, those lacking a magical iPad can download this video to your "other" Apple device. iPhone users should follow the same steps. has the Quick Time video
posted for viewing as well.


[Apple Keynotes]

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